We especially invite contributions that pursue these issues in relation to the following themes:

The Dynamics of Transitions

We invite analyses of the conceptual and theoretical assumptions of the transition community and the implications of using different explanatory logics in understanding socio-technical regimes and transition dynamics, as well as empirical analyses of how regime mechanisms are maintained and challenged

Transition Governance and Strategic Navigation

We welcome empirical- and conceptual analysis of how transition governance succeeds or fails in organising processes by which regime embedded development trajectories are identified and challenged. We also welcome studies of how system framings are associated with means of interventions and new strategic opportunities.

Transitions and the Unfolding Controversies over Sustainability

Sustainability is a contested approach in itself ranging from environmental limits to social inclusion. We invite analytical contributions studying how sustainability â economic, social or environmental â is contextualised as strategic priority for transitions in-the making, as well as discussions of how to identify and cope with un-sustainable growth and transition dynamics.

Boundaries in Different Methodological Approaches

We invite empirical studies applying different methodologies such as social network analysis, system innovation, modelling and case studies with emphasis on transitions â also from non European settings. We ask contributors to reflect on how boundaries are substantiated methodologically through delimitation of research objects, as well as on how the empirical study contribute to the field of transition studies.

Proposal for sessions including abstracts of 2-4 papers are also invited. Proposals should include abstracts for each paper and an introduction to the theme of the session.

IST 2012 - DTU Lyngby, Denmark 29-31 August 2012 - info@ist2012.dk