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General Papers

Self-Organization of infrastructures. Barriers and opportunities for self-organization of infrastructures in view of sustainability transitions
Flor Avelino, Niki Frantzeskaki, Shivant Jhagroe
Understanding multi regime interactions: A combined case study and simulation modelling approach
George Papachristos, Emmanuel Adamides, Aristotelis Sofianos
The concept of regime and ‘flat ontologies’ – empirical potential and methodological implications
Benjamin Best, Karoline Augenstein, Magdolna Prantner
Approaches to resilience for Water Sensitive Cities
Fjalar Johannes de Haan, Berry Gersonius, Briony C. Ferguson, Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin, Richard Ashley, Rebekah Ruth Brown
The strengths and weaknesses of a programmed approach for governing a transition to integrated flood management in the Netherlands
Jeroen Rijke, Sebastiaan van Herk, Chris Zevenbergen, Richard Ashley
The Climate Coalition of the Willing's Discourse on Transition
René Audet
The transition from piped to alternative drainage systems
Richard Ashley
Developing solar cell technologies: The role of scientists as actors in the transition to renewable energy
Heidrun Åm
The role of large incumbent energy companies in energy system transition - The case of Finland's “coal coast”
Eeva-Lotta Apajalahti
The Danish energy system transition –the role of the Hydrogen and Fuel cell innovation system
Kristian Peter Andreasen
Looking for the citizens
Lene Alsbjørn, Birgitte Hoffmann
Historic Transition of the Portuguese fisheries (1936-1996) and fishermen adaptivity to these changes: patterns and drivers
Vanja Karadzic, Paula Antunes, John Grin
Unfolding controversies: the shaping of the bioenergy arena in Denmark
Michael Soegaard Joergensen, Bente Hessellund Andersen
On incorporating macroeconomics in transitions thinking
Miklos Antal

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