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General Papers

Sustainable transitions outside the modernist paradigm. Gains and losses.
Thomas Berker
Ambiguities and challenges in the functions approach to TIS analysis: a critical literature review
Anna Bergek
Investor motives vs. policies to promote investments in renewable electricity production: match or mismatch?
Anna Bergek, Ingrid Johansson Mignon
The Technological Innovation System and its Functions in a New Context – the Case of Renewable Energy Based Village Grids in South East Asia
Nicola Ursina Blum, Tobias Sebastian Schmidt, Volker Horst Hoffmann
From coal crunch to wind rush? Governing power in South Africa
Lucy Baker
Energy supply companies becoming energy service providers
Sandra Backlund
On the role of government in Transition Management: three discourses and their validation with Dutch Energy Transition Project professionals
Jan Peter Bergen, Udo Pesch, Jaco Quist
Standardizing electric vehicle plugs: connecting two sociotechnical regimes
Sjoerd Bakker, Pieter Leguijt, Harro van Lente
On the relation of discourse and innovation activities: A comparison of hybrid electric and fuel cell vehicles
Bjoern BB Budde
The concept of regime and ‘flat ontologies’ – empirical potential and methodological implications
Benjamin Best, Karoline Augenstein, Magdolna Prantner
Regulation for Enviromental Innovation: A Cross-Sector Analysis of General versus Technology-Specific policy means
christian berggren, Anna Bergek
Understanding Institutional Adaptive Capacity for Urban Water Transitions.
Yvette Bettini, Fjalar J. de Haan, Megan Farrelly, Rebekah Ruth Brown
The Needs for Sustainability Transitions: Societal Needs in Urban Water Systems
Fjalar Johannes de Haan, Briony C. Ferguson, Rebekah Ruth Brown
Approaches to resilience for Water Sensitive Cities
Fjalar Johannes de Haan, Berry Gersonius, Briony C. Ferguson, Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin, Richard Ashley, Rebekah Ruth Brown
Thomas Block, Sophie Devolder, Han Vandevyvere, Erik Paredis
Reconceptualizing niche upscaling in emerging Asia with multiscalar technological innovation systems – the case of on-site water recycling in Beijing
Christian Binz, Bernhard Truffer
Everyday strategies and practices in transition governance. Building blocks for a political science perspective.
Erik Paredis, Thomas Block
Understanding Governance Regimes and System Innovations for a Low Carbon Transition
Ronan Bolton
Climate neutral city initiatives: wishful thinking or thoughtful wish?
Han Vandevyvere, Thomas Block
Pathways for Melbourne's Transition to a Water Sensitive City
Briony Cathryn Ferguson, Niki Frantzeskaki, Rebekah Ruth Brown
The significance of energy densities for sustainability transitions
Andrés Bucio, Noel Longhurst, Jeppe Graugaard
The ‘sustainability living lab’ as a reflexive user-integrating research infrastructure
Carolin Baedeker, Justus von Geibler, Nino David Jordan, Holger Rohn, Christa Liedtke
Transitions in the System of Urban Transport and Land-use: an analysis of Amsterdam and Zürich since 1950
Andrew Switzer, Luca Bertolini
Are we doing it right?: methodological challenges and opportunities in evaluating sustainability transitions
Matthias Bussels
The transnational scope of sustainability transitions: aligning the level of observation of transition theory with its global purpose
Sander Happaerts, Hans Bruyninckx
Sustainability experiments in Asia: transnational layerdness and its impact on up-scaling
Anna J. Wieczorek, Rob Raven, Frans Berkhout
Financing sustainability transitions
Kris Bachus
Governance of learning processes in transdisciplinary climate research projects
Wouter Boon
The role of the cultural and institutional context in the application of co-innovative approaches
Jessica (M.R.) Cornelissen, Bart Bremmer
Multiple dynamics of sustainable housing concepts in Denmark – on the role of passive houses
Christian Koch, Martine Buser, Roine Leiringer

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