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General Papers

Addressing Arsenic Mass Poisoning in West Bengal: Process tracing for past three decades
Joyashree Roy, Abhijit Das
Transition to organic farming in Austria: The co-evolution of actors’ strategies
Ika Darnhofer, Lee-Ann Sutherland
Transition dynamics in a maturing industry – blocking mechanisms and new concepts in cement production
Ulrich Dewald
What are environmental innovations?
Romain Debref, Franck-Dominique Vivien, Martino Nieddu
Striving for sustainable transition in water and land management: the function of pioneers to trigger change in an established socio-technical system
Katrin Daedlow, Benjamin Nölting
Convergence and/or Sustainability Transition? : Energy Productivity Analysis for Select Indian Industries
Shyamasree Dasgupta, Joyashree Roy
Regime Dynamics: Driving forces and barriers of the diffusion of new technologies in the European fertilizer industry & its system relevance for a future European hydrogen infrastructure
Sarah Debor
Understanding Institutional Adaptive Capacity for Urban Water Transitions.
Yvette Bettini, Fjalar J. de Haan, Megan Farrelly, Rebekah Ruth Brown
The Needs for Sustainability Transitions: Societal Needs in Urban Water Systems
Fjalar Johannes de Haan, Briony C. Ferguson, Rebekah Ruth Brown
Approaches to resilience for Water Sensitive Cities
Fjalar Johannes de Haan, Berry Gersonius, Briony C. Ferguson, Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin, Richard Ashley, Rebekah Ruth Brown
Transitions from the outside in: The role of landscape in sustainability transitions
Fjalar Johannes de Haan, Niki Frantzeskaki
Thomas Block, Sophie Devolder, Han Vandevyvere, Erik Paredis
A Multi-Scale Model of Low Carbon Innovation Systems
Malcolm Eames, Yan Wang, Carla De Laurentis
Commitment, reputation, and funding in strategic policy visions; the support of President Bush and Governor Schwarzenegger for hydrogen energy
Marloes Dignum
Strategic Niche Management & Transition Experiments - Business Modeling and Changing the Socioeconomic Healthcare System
Hendrik Cramer, Geert Dewulf, Hans Voordijk
The diffusion of family size anaerobic digestion technologies as a case of socio-technical transition
Willington Ortiz, Carmen Dienst, Hanna Scheck

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