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General Papers

Pushing the Boundaries: Advocating Space and Place in Innovation Studies
Nick Hacking, Malcolm Eames
Managing a Portfolio of Promises - An application in Animal Production and Greenhouse Horticulture
Boelie Elzen
Champions, timing and taking-off of societal transitions: A comparative analysis of the urban water transitions in Port Vila, Vanuatu and Jakarta, Indonesia
Michael Shane Poustie, Niki Frantzeskaki, Simanjuntak Imelda, Bert Enserink
A Multi-Scale Model of Low Carbon Innovation Systems
Malcolm Eames, Yan Wang, Carla De Laurentis
Re-engineering the City: Retrofit, Governance and Strategic Navigation
Malcolm Eames
Dynamics and pressures in the Danish water sector regime: building capacity for transitioning to sustainable urban water management
Chiara Farné Fratini, Morten Elle, Marina Bergen Jensen, Peter Steen Mikkelsen
Mobility and cities: global artifacts and situated systems
Anne Katrine Braagaard Harders, Morten Elle
Transition Theories and the UK Electricity Market reform
seyed mohamad sadegh emamian
Smart grid technology as a driver for sectoral transformation
Sabine Erlinghagen, Jochen Markard, Karin Ingold

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