Presentations and Authors

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General Papers

Eva Heiskanen, Stephanie Freeman, Sampsa Hyysalo, Mikko Jalas, Jouni Juntunen, Raimo Lovio, Jenny Rinkinen
Self-Organization of infrastructures. Barriers and opportunities for self-organization of infrastructures in view of sustainability transitions
Flor Avelino, Niki Frantzeskaki, Shivant Jhagroe
Systemic weaknesses in the European offshore innovation system- Opportunities for policy and strategy
Anna Wieczorek, staffan Jacobsson, kersti karltorp, robert harmsen, gaston Heimeriks, simona Negro, Marko Hekkert
Transition into sustainable energy systems in Japan: A Case study of Geothermal Development in Japan
Aki Suwa, Masaru Yarime, Joni Jupesta, Atsushi Sunami
Images of Light - LED as a transformer?
Charlotte Louise Jensen, Arne Remmen
Learning communities in storm water transition - Capacity building among water professionals
Birgitte Hoffmann, Marina Bergen Jensen, Maj-Britt Quitzau
Just and/or sustainable? How sustainability transitions accommodate justice
Katinka Wijsman, Julia Wittmayer, Shivant Jhagroe
Dynamics and pressures in the Danish water sector regime: building capacity for transitioning to sustainable urban water management
Chiara Farné Fratini, Morten Elle, Marina Bergen Jensen, Peter Steen Mikkelsen
Navigating the transition to sustainable bioenergy in Sweden and Brazil
Semida Silveira, Francis X. Johnson
The ‘sustainability living lab’ as a reflexive user-integrating research infrastructure
Carolin Baedeker, Justus von Geibler, Nino David Jordan, Holger Rohn, Christa Liedtke
The transition to modern bioenergy: historical dimensions and strategic perspectives
Francis X. Johnson, Semida Silveira
Microgeneration in New Homes: Transition opportunity or transitory non-starter?
Hannah Catherine James, Timothy J Foxon, William F Gale
A plea for dystopias: towards radical reflections in sustainability transitions
katinka wijsman, Shivant Jhagroe
Upscaling of wind energy niches in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and the role for collective institutional entrepreneurship
Suyash Jolly, Rob Raven, Geert Verbong
Unfolding controversies: the shaping of the bioenergy arena in Denmark
Michael Soegaard Joergensen, Bente Hessellund Andersen
Societal functions: infrastructures, sectors, clusters and regimes - a representational challenge within transition theory
Ulrik Jørgensen, Jens Stissing Jensen

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