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General Papers

Post-politics, democracy and sustainability transitions
Anneleen Kenis, Erik Mathijs
A Socratic method for impact assessment for sustainable development
Rene Kemp
Where climate and innovation policy meet: the role of intra-institutional dynamics in transportation system change
Paul Upham, Paula Kivimaa
Government-affiliated intermediary organisations as actors in sustainable energy transitions
Paula Kivimaa
Systemic weaknesses in the European offshore innovation system- Opportunities for policy and strategy
Anna Wieczorek, staffan Jacobsson, kersti karltorp, robert harmsen, gaston Heimeriks, simona Negro, Marko Hekkert
A social contract for the low-carbon transition? Insights from the Swedish example.
Jamil Khan
Exploring the transformative capacity of bottom-up initiatives in the food and energy systems
Anna Schreuer, Sandra Karner
Understanding transition dynamics using a combined TIS-MLP approach
Marlous Kooijman, Peter van Meer, Ellen Moors, Huub Schellekens, Marko Hekkert
Participation and deliberation in low-carbon transition governance: Learning from climate policy making in Sweden.
Annica Kronsell
Pathways for transformation to sustainable nutrient management
Helena Kahiluoto
Framework of Integrated Scenario Design: An Approach to Meso Level Research for Sustainability Transition
Yusuke Kishita, Keishiro Hara, Michinori Uwasu, Yasushi Umeda
Not in whose backyard? Public perception of post-carbon energy production
Henrik Karlstrom, Marianne Ryghaug
Linking Cradle to Cradle and Transition Studies: How effectiveness of natural systems can lead to system-innovation in the built environment
Marleen Lili Lodder, Philine Helena Krosse
“Vision-meso-seeds” model towards sustainability transition - Concept and research agenda
Keishiro Hara, Michinori Uwasu, Shuji Kurimoto
Multiple dynamics of sustainable housing concepts in Denmark – on the role of passive houses
Christian Koch, Martine Buser, Roine Leiringer
Developing a research agenda for transition studies: to boldly go where no man has gone before
Niki Frantzeskaki, Jonathan Koehler, Florian Kern
Historic Transition of the Portuguese fisheries (1936-1996) and fishermen adaptivity to these changes: patterns and drivers
Vanja Karadzic, Paula Antunes, John Grin
Dynamics of sustainable energy transitions in developing countries: a conceptual framework and two case studies
Linda Kamp, Wim Ravesteijn, Otto Kroesen
Transitions across place and space – Spatial transitions in an Actor Network perspective
søren Kerndrup

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