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General Papers

Advancing Sustainable Urban Transformation through Living Labs
Kes McCormick, Maria Hellström Reimer, Elisabet Nillson
Investor motives vs. policies to promote investments in renewable electricity production: match or mismatch?
Anna Bergek, Ingrid Johansson Mignon
Post-politics, democracy and sustainability transitions
Anneleen Kenis, Erik Mathijs
Organizational architecture of industries and sustainable transitions
John A. Mathews
Towards a Green Urban Economy? Unravelling Urban Sustainability Transitions from a Multi-Level Perspective
Ulrich Mans
Understanding transition dynamics using a combined TIS-MLP approach
Marlous Kooijman, Peter van Meer, Ellen Moors, Huub Schellekens, Marko Hekkert
Territorial innovation systems in Germany: Re-adaptation and renewable energies
Jannika Mattes, Andreas Huber
The role of local niches in creating pathways towards low carbon buildings: Lessons from model urban district Vauban in Germany
Arian Mahzouni
The relevance of institutional structures for energy transitions: lessons from agricultural biogas in Northern Italy
Steffen Wirth, Jochen Markard, Bernhard Truffer
Making sense of complex systems. Lessons and insights on system’s complexity and persistent problems from applying a tailored system analysis in Ghent and Aberdeen
Suzanne Maas, Niki Frantzeskaki, Karen Fortuin
Dynamics and pressures in the Danish water sector regime: building capacity for transitioning to sustainable urban water management
Chiara Farné Fratini, Morten Elle, Marina Bergen Jensen, Peter Steen Mikkelsen
Comparing the European and US nutraceuticals innovation system
Ellen Moors, Jef Pennings
Smart Cities: an emerging city concept to frame sustainable transitions?
Andreas Huber, Ines Mayer
Sustainability Transitions: Development of the field and promising lines of research
Jochen Markard, Bernhard Truffer, Rob Raven
Smart grid technology as a driver for sectoral transformation
Sabine Erlinghagen, Jochen Markard, Karin Ingold
Anabel Marin

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