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General Papers

Postulates of urban resilient sustainability transitions: a cross-disciplinary approach
Marta Olazabal, Unai Pascual
The Copenhagen story: urban transportation from 1950 to 2050
Andrés Felipe Valderrama Pineda, Nina Vogel
A framework for analyzing deployment of solar photovoltaics
Alvar Palm, Lena Neij
On the role of government in Transition Management: three discourses and their validation with Dutch Energy Transition Project professionals
Jan Peter Bergen, Udo Pesch, Jaco Quist
Understanding multi regime interactions: A combined case study and simulation modelling approach
George Papachristos, Emmanuel Adamides, Aristotelis Sofianos
Modelling transitions with system dynamics: A view from the shoulders of … many
George Papachristos
The Co-evolution of societal problems, innovation and incumbent industries: Ups and downs in the issue lifecycle trajectory of American car-safety (1900-2000)
Frank W. Geels, Caetano C.R. Penna
The Two Faces of Market Support - How Deployment Policies Affect Technological Exploration and Exploitation in the Solar Photovoltaic Industry
Joern Hoppmann, Michael Peters, Malte Schneider, Volker H. Hoffmann
The concept of regime and ‘flat ontologies’ – empirical potential and methodological implications
Benjamin Best, Karoline Augenstein, Magdolna Prantner
Transition pathways for a UK low carbon energy system: Reflections on conceptualising agency and governance within sustainability transitions
Timothy James Foxon, Peter J Pearson
Cities, Major Technology Revolutions and Transitions to SustainabilityNon
Camaren Peter
Champions, timing and taking-off of societal transitions: A comparative analysis of the urban water transitions in Port Vila, Vanuatu and Jakarta, Indonesia
Michael Shane Poustie, Niki Frantzeskaki, Simanjuntak Imelda, Bert Enserink
Thomas Block, Sophie Devolder, Han Vandevyvere, Erik Paredis
Everyday strategies and practices in transition governance. Building blocks for a political science perspective.
Erik Paredis, Thomas Block
Cities in Transition: Visioning and Planning for a Low-Carbon Energy Future
Isabel K Pares
Comparing the European and US nutraceuticals innovation system
Ellen Moors, Jef Pennings
Overcoming regimes by regimes
Udo Pesch
(Re-)Design of Intervention Programs for Regional Transition using Social Theories - An application in Dutch Horticulture
Eric Poot, Pieter de Wolf, Esther Veen
Abstract title: Towards an Actor-Centered Approach in Sustainability Transitions - A systematic review of the literature
Lisa-Britt Pfaff, Jens Newig
Beyond ‘resistance to change’: Interference management in System Innovation
Bonno Pel
Business Model-Resilience in the context of corporate sustainability transformation
Alexandra Palzkill
Driving forces and barriers of the renewables within the Hungarian energy sector An empirical example for a multi-level constellation analysis
Magdolna Prantner

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