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General Papers

Multi-level perspective in the shipping socio-technological system: Exploring agency in the niche-regime interactions – The Green Ship of the Future as a case study
Roberto Rivas Hermann
Constructing users in the smart grid - insights from the Danish eFlex project
Sophie Nyborg, Inge Røpke
Addressing Arsenic Mass Poisoning in West Bengal: Process tracing for past three decades
Joyashree Roy, Abhijit Das
Eva Heiskanen, Stephanie Freeman, Sampsa Hyysalo, Mikko Jalas, Jouni Juntunen, Raimo Lovio, Jenny Rinkinen
A climate of change: the city of Ghent climate neutral by 2050!
Frank Nevens, Chris Roorda
Motorization of cycle-vans in India: Analysis of two experiments in West Bengal
Duke Ghosh, Joyashree Roy, Samir Kumar Saha
Initiating socio-technical experiments at the municipal level: A case study in fuel cell technology
Michael Ornetzeder, Anna Schreuer, Harald Rohracher
Can we get e-mobility without a transition? – Incumbents dominating discourse and institution building in the ‘Model Region’ of Stuttgart, Germany
Philipp Spath, Alanus von Radecki, Harald Rohracher
Convergence and/or Sustainability Transition? : Energy Productivity Analysis for Select Indian Industries
Shyamasree Dasgupta, Joyashree Roy
Sustainability experiments and urban mobility regimes in Bangkok and Chiang Mai
Frans Sengers, Rob Raven, Henny Romijn
The city as a nexus of sustainability transitions
Harald Rohracher, Philipp Späth
The strengths and weaknesses of a programmed approach for governing a transition to integrated flood management in the Netherlands
Jeroen Rijke, Sebastiaan van Herk, Chris Zevenbergen, Richard Ashley
Images of Light - LED as a transformer?
Charlotte Louise Jensen, Arne Remmen
User practices and heat pumps in a low carbon transition
Lars Ege Larsen, Inge Røpke
The ‘sustainability living lab’ as a reflexive user-integrating research infrastructure
Carolin Baedeker, Justus von Geibler, Nino David Jordan, Holger Rohn, Christa Liedtke
Not in whose backyard? Public perception of post-carbon energy production
Henrik Karlstrom, Marianne Ryghaug
Sustainability experiments in Asia: transnational layerdness and its impact on up-scaling
Anna J. Wieczorek, Rob Raven, Frans Berkhout
Sustainability Transitions: Development of the field and promising lines of research
Jochen Markard, Bernhard Truffer, Rob Raven
Upscaling of wind energy niches in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and the role for collective institutional entrepreneurship
Suyash Jolly, Rob Raven, Geert Verbong
Envisioning urban sustainability transitions: Lessons from an envisioning process for climate mitigation in five European cities
Niki Frantzeskaki, Julia Wittmayer, Frank van Steenbergen, Chris Roorda, Derk Loorbach, Pepik Henneman
Dynamics of sustainable energy transitions in developing countries: a conceptual framework and two case studies
Linda Kamp, Wim Ravesteijn, Otto Kroesen
“Financial-economic crisis from a transitional perspective”
Derk Loorbach, Jan Rotmans

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