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General Papers

The coevolution of renewable resources and environmental institutions.
Karolina Safarzynska
Just Transition and the Next Long-Term Development Cycle: Warnings from the South African Case
Mark Swilling
Grassroots innovations in community energy: The role of intermediaries in niche development
Tom Hargreaves, Sabine Hilescher, Gill Seyfang, Adrian Smith
Transition to organic farming in Austria: The co-evolution of actors’ strategies
Ika Darnhofer, Lee-Ann Sutherland
Uncertainty of Technological Performance and Patterns of Learning - Implications for Energy Innovation Policy
Joern T. Huenteler, Volker H. Hoffmann, Tobias S. Schmidt
The Technological Innovation System and its Functions in a New Context – the Case of Renewable Energy Based Village Grids in South East Asia
Nicola Ursina Blum, Tobias Sebastian Schmidt, Volker Horst Hoffmann
Motorization of cycle-vans in India: Analysis of two experiments in West Bengal
Duke Ghosh, Joyashree Roy, Samir Kumar Saha
Cities as “real-world laboratories” for system innovations – Theories, models and empirical Designs
Uwe Schneidewind, Hanna Scheck
Understanding multi regime interactions: A combined case study and simulation modelling approach
George Papachristos, Emmanuel Adamides, Aristotelis Sofianos
Initiating socio-technical experiments at the municipal level: A case study in fuel cell technology
Michael Ornetzeder, Anna Schreuer, Harald Rohracher
Can we get e-mobility without a transition? – Incumbents dominating discourse and institution building in the ‘Model Region’ of Stuttgart, Germany
Philipp Spath, Alanus von Radecki, Harald Rohracher
Conservation Agriculture : a professional Model for the ecological transition of agriculture ?
Audrey Vankeerberghen, Pierre Stassart
The Two Faces of Market Support - How Deployment Policies Affect Technological Exploration and Exploitation in the Solar Photovoltaic Industry
Joern Hoppmann, Michael Peters, Malte Schneider, Volker H. Hoffmann
Interactive design for sustainable egg production: alignment of niche and regime actors.
Sierk Spoelstra
Network Dynamics in Emerging Radical Innovations
William Sierzchula
The political-organisational dimension of collective learning for system innovations - (why) (no) learning in demonstration projects for hydrogen fuel cell buses?
Igor Struyf
Sustainability experiments and urban mobility regimes in Bangkok and Chiang Mai
Frans Sengers, Rob Raven, Henny Romijn
The city as a nexus of sustainability transitions
Harald Rohracher, Philipp Späth
Transition into sustainable energy systems in Japan: A Case study of Geothermal Development in Japan
Aki Suwa, Masaru Yarime, Joni Jupesta, Atsushi Sunami
Exploring the transformative capacity of bottom-up initiatives in the food and energy systems
Anna Schreuer, Sandra Karner
Understanding transition dynamics using a combined TIS-MLP approach
Marlous Kooijman, Peter van Meer, Ellen Moors, Huub Schellekens, Marko Hekkert
Constructing Sustainable Cities
Roar Samuelsen
Innovation strategies for the hydrogen economy – A critical review
Oscar Svensson, Alexandra Nikoleris, Lars J Nilsson
Navigating the transition to sustainable bioenergy in Sweden and Brazil
Semida Silveira, Francis X. Johnson
The transition to modern bioenergy: historical dimensions and strategic perspectives
Francis X. Johnson, Semida Silveira
Grassroots innovations and complementary currencies – testing niche theories in the social economy
Gill Seyfang, Noel Longhurst
Transitions in the System of Urban Transport and Land-use: an analysis of Amsterdam and Zürich since 1950
Andrew Switzer, Luca Bertolini
Renewable detours? Offshore oil supply companies as transition actors
Gard Hopsdal Hansen, Markus Steen
Scenarios for implementing an economic sustainable transition in Paris-Region
Dominique Sellier
Governing local transition processes in the building and housing sector
Inger Stauning
Technical standards as a strategic tool to restrain radical innovation?
Magda Smink
The diffusion of family size anaerobic digestion technologies as a case of socio-technical transition
Willington Ortiz, Carmen Dienst, Hanna Scheck
Calculating change or changing calculations? Policies for sustainable energy transitions in Norway
Knut H Sørensen
Societal functions: infrastructures, sectors, clusters and regimes - a representational challenge within transition theory
Ulrik Jørgensen, Jens Stissing Jensen

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