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General Papers

The Copenhagen story: urban transportation from 1950 to 2050
Andrés Felipe Valderrama Pineda, Nina Vogel
What are environmental innovations?
Romain Debref, Franck-Dominique Vivien, Martino Nieddu
The ‘Fukushima-effect’: measuring the dynamics of public preferences for energy technologies using choice experiments
Frank van Rijnsoever, Allard van Mossel
A choice based approach to regime shifts
Allard Van Mossel, Frank van Rijnsoever
Standardizing electric vehicle plugs: connecting two sociotechnical regimes
Sjoerd Bakker, Pieter Leguijt, Harro van Lente
Can we get e-mobility without a transition? – Incumbents dominating discourse and institution building in the ‘Model Region’ of Stuttgart, Germany
Philipp Spath, Alanus von Radecki, Harald Rohracher
Conservation Agriculture : a professional Model for the ecological transition of agriculture ?
Audrey Vankeerberghen, Pierre Stassart
Transforming Technopark: Building Local Institutional Capacities for Innovation and Sustainability
Pieter van Heyningen
Thomas Block, Sophie Devolder, Han Vandevyvere, Erik Paredis
Understanding transition dynamics using a combined TIS-MLP approach
Marlous Kooijman, Peter van Meer, Ellen Moors, Huub Schellekens, Marko Hekkert
The strengths and weaknesses of a programmed approach for governing a transition to integrated flood management in the Netherlands
Jeroen Rijke, Sebastiaan van Herk, Chris Zevenbergen, Richard Ashley
Climate neutral city initiatives: wishful thinking or thoughtful wish?
Han Vandevyvere, Thomas Block
The ‘sustainability living lab’ as a reflexive user-integrating research infrastructure
Carolin Baedeker, Justus von Geibler, Nino David Jordan, Holger Rohn, Christa Liedtke
The demand side of Sustainable Transitions: Sustainable Consumption
Philip J Vergragt, Maurie Cohen
Sustainable urban development and the multi-level transition perspective
Petter Næss, Nina Vogel
(Re-)Design of Intervention Programs for Regional Transition using Social Theories - An application in Dutch Horticulture
Eric Poot, Pieter de Wolf, Esther Veen
Strategic Niche Management & Transition Experiments - Business Modeling and Changing the Socioeconomic Healthcare System
Hendrik Cramer, Geert Dewulf, Hans Voordijk
Interrogating protective space: shielding, nurturing and empowering Dutch solar photovoltaics
Bram Verhees
Upscaling of wind energy niches in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and the role for collective institutional entrepreneurship
Suyash Jolly, Rob Raven, Geert Verbong
Local responses to global challenges. Urban neighborhoods as salient sites for transition insights.
Frank van Steenbergen, Julia Wittmayer, Derk Loorbach
Envisioning urban sustainability transitions: Lessons from an envisioning process for climate mitigation in five European cities
Niki Frantzeskaki, Julia Wittmayer, Frank van Steenbergen, Chris Roorda, Derk Loorbach, Pepik Henneman
Behavioural Aspects of Sustainability Transitions
Ardjan Gazheli, Jeroen van den Bergh

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