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General Papers

Transition and temporality: the case of personal automobility
Peter Erskine Wells
Systemic weaknesses in the European offshore innovation system- Opportunities for policy and strategy
Anna Wieczorek, staffan Jacobsson, kersti karltorp, robert harmsen, gaston Heimeriks, simona Negro, Marko Hekkert
ICT as a motor of transition
Josefin Wangel
A Multi-Scale Model of Low Carbon Innovation Systems
Malcolm Eames, Yan Wang, Carla De Laurentis
The relevance of institutional structures for energy transitions: lessons from agricultural biogas in Northern Italy
Steffen Wirth, Jochen Markard, Bernhard Truffer
Systemic instrument for systemic offshore wind problems in Europe
Anna J. Wieczorek, Robert Harmsen, Gaston J. Heimeriks, Marko P. Hekkert, Simona O. Negro
Transition governance failure in oligopolistic markets
Henning Wilts
Just and/or sustainable? How sustainability transitions accommodate justice
Katinka Wijsman, Julia Wittmayer, Shivant Jhagroe
(Re-)Design of Intervention Programs for Regional Transition using Social Theories - An application in Dutch Horticulture
Eric Poot, Pieter de Wolf, Esther Veen
A plea for dystopias: towards radical reflections in sustainability transitions
katinka wijsman, Shivant Jhagroe
Business transition management: exploring a new role for business in sustainability transitions
Derk Loorbach, Katinka Wijsman
Sustainability experiments in Asia: transnational layerdness and its impact on up-scaling
Anna J. Wieczorek, Rob Raven, Frans Berkhout
Local responses to global challenges. Urban neighborhoods as salient sites for transition insights.
Frank van Steenbergen, Julia Wittmayer, Derk Loorbach
Institutional changes and technological dependencies as drivers and barriers to decreasing environmental pressures from decentralized large technical systems – the case of Swedish on-site sewage systems
Are Wallin, Mathias Zannakis
Envisioning urban sustainability transitions: Lessons from an envisioning process for climate mitigation in five European cities
Niki Frantzeskaki, Julia Wittmayer, Frank van Steenbergen, Chris Roorda, Derk Loorbach, Pepik Henneman

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